Email and Diary Management

Back to back meetings? Always travelling? Spend every day on the road? Our Email and Diary Service enables you to take action while you’re travelling or attending prior commitments and meetings.

As business owners, you cannot always available to answer those important emails, or to prioritise your inbox. During your busy day, self managing your diary, booking appointments or meetings, or arranging the essential parts of your day can be impossible.

Using the Boo Solutions email and diary management solution, we are able to action for you the important emails and meeting requests, as if you were in your office.

Our services include:

  • Email management ‘Inbox Detox’, prioritising and reply service, e-filing
    Diary Management -Meeting and appointment arranging, reminder service
  • Contractor management – Arranging contractor attendance
  • Customer Liason – Keeping your customers upto date, booking in sales or contractor appointments
  • Email marketing – Customer engagement

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